Engineered for Sustainability and Efficiency

Recycling Machinery

Cabragh Engineering takes pride in its comprehensive range of Recycling Machinery, meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the diverse requirements and demands of our customers. Our custom-designed recycling processes include the manufacturing of transfer conveyors, hoppers, screens, and trommels, ensuring a tailored solution for every recycling need.

In response to current environmental regulations and legislation, our Recycling Machinery is crafted to facilitate the efficient utilisation and management of waste in sectors such as concrete, quarry, and waste recycling. Our machinery aims to not only reduce the environmental impact but also decrease current costs associated with waste disposal, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Our Recycling Machinery opens avenues for value-added product options through recycling, promoting a circular economy. Whether you opt for mobile or static recycling machinery, Cabragh Engineering provides versatile solutions to suit your operational preferences. Additionally, our expertise extends to the manufacturing of blending and bagging plants, offering a holistic approach to waste management.

Cabragh Engineering’s commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation shines through in our Recycling Machinery product line, empowering businesses to embrace environmentally friendly practices while optimising their operational processes.

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